What Can Happen When We Choose Change

April 17, 2020


As I tried to convince John to embark on this journey, he was a bit wary of such a big change.

What if we took this giant leap and it didn’t work out? What if we were all worse off by making this, what he called, extreme change?

It was a risk, indeed.

But, so was doing nothing.

The knowingness came to me. We could either steer the ship or allow the sea to jostle us around to its liking.

We had been floating through life, not quite bold enough to identify the life we wanted for ourselves and go after it.

So, we let the sea of life take us where it wanted us to go.

I had come to realize and shared the following with him.

We are under the illusion that if we don’t change anything, our lives will remain the same. Another way to phrase the illusion, if we don’t make a change, we’ll at least remain at this level of comfort.

However, the world was changing around us. I knew it. I couldn’t not pay attention. In my gut, I knew something big outside of us would change our lives.

Clinging to the security of what we had would not prevent a storm from coming along and changing life for us.

I’m grateful he agreed. I think he is too.

We’re in such a better place, on so many levels, to ride out this global storm.

One of those reasons is because this journey opened us up to living a life of uncertainty. It’s demonstrated our resiliency and helped develop a sense of trust in allowing things to fall into place.

By not being so attached to the external environment, it’s allowed for us to be flexible. A very different place from where we were.

I’m truly grateful for all the lessons that have brought us to where we are.

I’ve come to see that life is about learning, and I hope we can all learn how incredibly resilient we are as we weather this storm. That knowingness is a gift.

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