I Wasn’t Meant To Stay In One Place

June 6, 2022

Some of us aren’t meants to stay in one place, and I’ve come to learn that I’m one of those people. Moving to and living where I feel called has been an opportunity for expanded growth and expansion.

I wasn’t meant to stay in one place.

That’s taken me some decades to fully comprehend and accept.

I tried for a long time to fit myself into the template that I absorbed from society about what is a “normal” way to live.

However, that felt quite forced and artificial.

Underlying existed an internal conflict between what I know now to be the desires of my soul and the internalized societal conditioning.

Not until I witnessed what it’s like for my closest person (my mom) to be on her deathbed with unfulfilled wishes and desires did I begin to give priority to the urging of what my soul was telling me.

As I look back, each of my 18 unique homes so far have played a unique role in my journey.

Sometimes, there’s been a question or worry about whether moving on was best, but each move has had a reason.

It can feel easier to stay put because it is what is known and familiar. It can also prevent us from expanding into a fuller version of who we’re meant to be.

Through this journey and deeper sense of acceptance, I’ve come to see how we can stay in the safe versions of ourselves and not fully accept who we are because it rocks too many boats.

Claiming something different causes us to push up against this invisible bubble surrounding us, which is also the identity or role we’ve been playing.

It can be uncomfortable for others when we begin to play by a different set of rules.

When others, depending upon who they are, begin to feel discomfort from us claiming something outside of what they’ve been comfortable with, we can respond by reverting to the known and expected versions.

It can be a powerful force that stops us from pursuing a unique-to-us path.

It’s one of the forces that kept me from fully realizing and being okay with the path of a nomad – someone not meant to stay in one place.

It’s a force that I see stopping others from heeding their own desires to pursue a path in a place that is calling them.

Taking the leap can be f*cking scary.

Will you be caught on the other side? Will it be a mistake?

What I’ve experienced from my own big and small leaps and the leaps of others is that there’s something usually very important, expansive, and profound on the other side.

Whether it’s moving to another country or pursuing some other desire, listening to the call can lead to magic.

However, it’s also quite easy to allow the fears, doubts, and pressure from others to keep us in one place.

It’s easy to put off taking action believing that there’s more time ahead.

That’s what I was doing. That’s what I was doing until I saw my mom at the end of her timeline saying, “I wish I had more time”.

Taking control of the story means deciding that you will no longer entertain the voices in your head telling why you can’t or why it isn’t possible.

If you also feel like you’re not meant to stay in one place, it’s because you’re not!

Moving abroad has been such a pivotal force in changing the stories keeping me in one place, which is why it feels powerful to support others to do the same.

If you’re ready to move beyond your current experience and situation, I’m happy to guide you in the process. You can book a session here.

When we fully are able to accept and embody who we’re meant to be in this lifetime, life gets so much better.

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