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The website journey to allow your uniqueness to shine

For small businesses and entrepreneurs ready to claim their unique voices and gifts... and desire having the website to match.

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What if in 12 weeks, we could uncover the essence of your business gifts and package them in a website that calls in the customers that feel nourishing to serve?

Going through this journey, you gain clarity about your work and how that serves your people. When you (and your website) are clear, customers become a whole lot more clear and confident about whether you are the person and business for them.

Benefits of a website that clearly represents YOU...

  • Your ideal people find you

    Clarity in your business & website attract the people that want what you have. It's as simple as that.

  • Selling gets easier

    Understanding your business in a deep way and communicating that through your website creates customers that are more ready to work with you.

  • More joy from your work

    When your business and customers are in greater alignment, work feels more joyful. If we're going to work, let's do our best to enjoy it!

I create websites from the perspective that these tools have the power to transform our businesses and lives. However, they’re only as good as we create them.

I believe that by embracing what makes us unique our businesses can grow in ways that playing it safe can’t even touch.

Many of us learn very early on that it’s safer to blend in and not stand out, which is exactly the opposite of what I believe we’re here to do. Our gifts can only serve if we are clear about what those gifts are, AND we let others know what we are capable of.

This is why I’ve found my way to this work - building websites that communicate your value to connect you with those that benefit from that value.

It’s pretty basic, and yet, so powerful!

Amanda Richardson-Meyer
Website Strategist & Creator


Important Q&As to be aware of before embarking on this website journey

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