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The Obstacles In Our Paths

August 17, 2021

Yesterday afternoon, I found myself needing to head out to the store after an already long day of driving and being out and about.

I put it off a little bit, and by the time I was heading out, it was already after 5 pm (ie, already getting dark) and dumping down rain.

The drive to/from our house in the jungle is not the smoothest of roads. I find it to be a bit like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

I came upon the trickiest of spots (a steep downhill, water crossing, and a steep uphill and tight curve) with a log lying across the water crossing. The water was rushing rapidly, and there were even some big logs sticking out of the water onto the water crossing.

It was not a convenient spot to stop the car in the dumping down rain, but there was no driving through that obstacle. I put my emergency flashers on, left my lights on, and got out of the car.

I saw quickly that my initial nudge wasn’t going to budge the large log, so I summoned the strength of all my muscle groups and moved the log out of the path. I did the same with the logs in the rapid water.

The path was clear, so I got back in the car. It felt a bit exhilarating.

As I started driving, my mind began to wander. The message came to me for the meaning of the logs.

Sometimes obstacles present themselves to us to show how capable we are of moving them.

If there are obstacles in your way, don’t discount your own power to find a way to remove them. Sometimes our minds believe we are less capable than we are. The obstacles come to challenge the beliefs we have that keep us smaller than we are. <3

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