The Magic Of Dominical

December 18, 2019

Sometimes, a place can be magical.

Over 2 months ago, I was on my 5th call with the rental car company to extend our rental (we ended up needing it way longer than we anticipated). The same friendly Tica helped me each time. “Are you enjoying Costa Rica, Amanda?” she asked. “Oh, si.” I replied. “Have you visited Dominical yet? You have to go. It’s beautiful. You will love it.”

From that moment on, there was something in me that really wanted to go to Dominical. I don’t know why I wanted to go, but I felt very strongly that I needed to go. I even brought it up to John multiple times.

Then, an event for a yoga retreat in Dominical landed in my feed. It would be over the winter solstice. I felt very compelled to read every detail about it. Something in me wanted very strongly to be there. It felt like a big stretch, both financially and to leave my family for so long.

“If I’m meant to be there, it will work out.”

The next day, I walked outside to my blanket on the porch. A dragonfly was buzzing around in an atypical way. It lingered longer than usual. “John, are you seeing this dragonfly?”

Then, I remembered reading the word dragonfly earlier that day in a set of oracle cards. Let me go get that and read about ‘dragonfly’.

I went inside and returned. The dragonfly was still present. He buzzed off for a moment, but returned quickly.

As I read, it continued to circle the blanket, but then came towards me. It was motioning its tail towards me in a repetitive, almost kicking, motion.”I’m reading, dragonfly!”

The dragonfly card was all about emergence. That felt very relevant.

The dragonfly persisted. Okay…I was to pull a card.Winter Solstice – Reflection… Was the card.

Hmm…I read all about that yoga retreat over the solstice last night…twas the first time I thought about the solstice since the last solstice. Interesting.

It was still there. Still acting “aggressively”. Pull another card was the thought.

I chuckled. “Watch. I pull the dragonfly card.”

Of course. That card was pulled. And then, the dragonfly left.

A whole lot more magic happened to get me here. I got off the bus here at Dominical yesterday.

The magic continues.

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