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Tattoo & Astrology

July 23, 2021

Back in March, I received my first tattoo.

It is a channeled image that came through Heather Chan following an Ayahuasca ceremony.

I loved the image when she initially shared it with me. However, the meaning of it has continued to reveal itself to me as I continue to walk my path.

I had my first astrological reading yesterday with Amelia Travis that validated much of this journey that I have experienced so far and what is still possible for me ahead.

I have experienced and been shown too much to doubt any longer that the alignment of the stars and planets are significant for the paths that we walk. Embracing the uniqueness that I am continues to be more and more liberating for my soul.

I know that we don’t walk our journeys alone. We all play a role and our journeys weave to create a beautiful tapestry of creation.

I sit in awe and wonder of where the journey will lead me next.

PS – if you’re curious about your own planetary alignment’s effects on your journey, Amelia is amazing and her rates increase at the end of this month. You can book for next month before the end of the month to get the lower rate.

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