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Story of Synchronicity…

September 3, 2021

John drank out of a mug like the one in the picture for most days for around 15 years. He bought it before I knew him in Maine.

About 10 years ago, I found out how I could order mugs like it for a friend’s wedding gift. It had Mara etched on the bottom, so I used that in my Google search and sent a couple to my friend.

Today, we walked past a little place about a block from where we’re living. Fresh tortillas were being made in the front, but John spied something else.

On our way back home, John still wanted to go in. We were looking at various things. John was looking at a mug.

Him: “Doesn’t this look like my mug?”

Me: “Is it a Mara Mug?”

The woman behind the counter: “Mara is my aunt.”

She then took us in the back and showed us shelves of mugs and boxes. They distribute to many sellers all over.

John had been eyeing mugs at every store mercado that we’ve been to because the ones where we’re staying are so small. What magic to stumble upon his favorite type of mug of all time!

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