Self-Care Through Creation

December 21, 2020

During our time in Costa Rica, Cedar has created a pretty remarkable dollhouse out of mostly recycled materials.

For Christmas, she decided she was going to surprise her brother with one.

She planned it all out, making sure each of his action figures had a space.

She’s been working hard. However, in the past week, she’s been worried that she wouldn’t finish in time. Yesterday, she seemed so worried that I had to have a talk with her about taking care of herself and trusting that whatever she has for him will be loved and appreciated.

At bedtime last night, she had a sore throat coming on. I’m pretty certain it was stress-related. We talked about how stress affects our immune system and how we can literally make ourselves sick with worry. It seemed to make sense to her.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, she felt like normal. She went along working on her tasks.

I asked her how she felt about her project. She replied, “I’m confident I will get it done, but I know that he’ll appreciate whatever I have to give him.”

So cool!

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