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Preparation For Taking Life’s Next Leap

August 25, 2021

As I was just taking apart Lego creations to condense them down into smaller plastic bags, I reminded myself to take a moment to breathe and connect with myself. It was needed.

We are packing up again and transplanting to a new country within the week.

While our stuff is much more minimal than when we first left the US two years ago, it still takes time, attention, and thought.

In these moments before taking a new leap and deciding what we can bring with us on an airplane, many feelings have arisen. We had made the choice to experience a new place and began to take action to make it a reality. It felt clear in the decision-making phase. However, in the midst of making it happen, doing the work, and feeling the energetics of what is happening on a global level, I began to feel a bit wobbly.

It’s like I’m riding a wave and eventually the time will come to leap. I must anchor into my trust for knowing what can be on the other side of a leap. There’s something for us there, but I must trust enough to get there.

Yesterday, I connected with a dear friend, who followed her call to deepen her healing gifts through going to Peru for intensive training in the jungle. She left Costa Rica 5 months ago. As we chatted, I could only imagine the transformative process she has gone through by following her call and taking the leap to where she is.

I shared briefly the nerves I have been feeling through this preparation phase. Her response was short and sweet… “You were born for this.”

With that statement, I was reminded. The doubt that had been muddying my field dissolved, and my trust was fortified. I sat with the statement and allowed it to percolate in my system.

As I just sat to breathe, some of the lessons of this journey were clear. My happiness is not defined by my possessions. I can be nourished and fulfilled in other environments. As long as I can connect within, I can be fulfilled.

These past two plus years have been a training ground for me to learn to connect within to feel safe and secure to be able to explore and pursue more outside of me.

I’m grateful to the Legos and all the stuff showing me how to relate to possessions. I’m grateful for all the healers and teachers along the way. I’m grateful for the safe container that has been Costa Rica that has allowed for an expansion that continues to blow my mind. I’m grateful for my breath that gives me life and allows for transformation to occur.

Thanks for reading. Now back to taking apart Legos.

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