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Leaving Costa Rica & On To Mexico

September 13, 2021


I’ve essentially owned a car ever since I started driving at the age of 16 – that’s 23 years now.

Prior to deciding to move abroad in 2018/2019, we were a two-car family.

As we started paring down our stuff in the months prior, we went down to one car, with which we drove across the country before our departure to Costa Rica.

When we landed in the land of pura vida, we immediately began looking for our next vehicle (the lovely Xtrail in the photo). This vehicle served our family well for two years.

I had a realization back in February of this year that being a one-car family helped us become tighter as a family. Having only one car meant much more communicating and coordinating. It meant having many more shared experiences.

In our transition from Costa Rica to Mexico, we sold our car, and are now a zero-car family!

Back in March and May, we traveled to Mexico and experienced life without wheels. Every outing felt like an adventure, and the conversations and moments we had with the kids were incredibly special.

It’s a feeling we wanted to have more of, which was a big factor in making the move to Mexico.

Mexico has a quite good infrastructure for existing without a car. Between Ubers, taxis, busses, shuttles, rentals, and planes, we’re giving a go at life here without a car.

Additionally, we aren’t going to be staying put in one spot. We’ll be slow-traveling through central Mexico, spending 4-6 weeks in each location.

We’re already loving the walks we’ve experienced where we’re currently at in Coyoacan – Mexico City.

We look forward to seeing how we grow through this living in this way and sharing our experiences with you!

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