August 2, 2021

I’m Here To Face My Fears

I am here to face my fears. I am here to look at death and love it.

The death of a parent was likely one of my biggest fears. I had always believed that was not something I was strong enough for.

My mom’s dying process was both terrible and the most beautiful experience of my life. It was real. It was raw.

I had never before experienced so much love and support – from both people and forces beyond what my logical mind knew was possible.

I saw both how strong and vulnerable I could be.

I began to look at the shadows and allowed them to be felt.

I began on a path to reclaim my responsibility to myself and creating the life that feels true to me.

Being and living through my mom’s death showed me how to face my fears.

I can now recognize the edge – the space where I feel resistance and hesitancy in stepping up to.

I welcome the feeling and acknowledge that it feels scary. I sit with and sense what is there. I appreciate it. And then, I release it.

I step up to the edge and trust that I am supported to a safe landing on the other side.

I’ve already been shown how supported I am. I call on that feeling and begin the forward momentum. l let go of attachment to exactly how it transpires.

I land, look back, and revel at what magic is truly possible.

I am here to go through this process again and again – possibly until I die.

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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