March 1, 2021

First Time Leaving Costa Rica After A Year Of Closed Borders

We left Costa Rica today.

However, we’ll be back very soon.

Due to the past year, Costa Rica allowed those on tourist visas to remain in the country without “renewing” their visas.

Normally, there are many living within Costa Rica on tourist visas. We are allowed up to 90 days, but must leave to get another 90 days. Prior to last March, we would drive down to Panama, walk across for a few hours, and get another 90 days.

As of March 2nd, the visa extension is expired. This means, we must leave Costa Rica in order to stay. Unfortunately, the Costa Rican land borders are not open to non-residents/non-citizens. Therefore, the only way to renew is by getting on a plane.

So many of us resisted and were hoping the government would change its mind (as it has so many times). However, it did not.

We are now experiencing a little something different in Mexico City. We’ll be here for a few nights before heading back to our jungle home.

This day was long, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be. I’m grateful for shifts in perspective
and challenging the assumptions that I have.

*If anything in this didn’t make sense, it’s because my mind is exhausted. I’ll edit it in the morning ????

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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