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Denial & Grief

December 30, 2020

Denial… The first stage of grief.

When my mom first began to show signs of a terminal cancer, I intuitively sensed it. However, I didn’t want it to be real. I denied my intuition – what I sensed and based upon my knowledge.

When reality as we know it is no longer so, there’s a grieving process we must go through. That begins with denying it as our beingness attempts to adapt to this new version of reality.

2020 has been a new reality for so many. One thing I’ve come to learn is empathy for those going through this very normal process of grief and not quite being able to see a new version of reality. I’ve learned to not fight people for how they view the world. I may not agree, but I no longer feel the need to try to “disprove” their perception. And anyways, who am I to say I’m right?

We all see what we need to see eventually. I think we can support each other through our processes, but forcing and fighting just causes more resistance.

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