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Appreciation For Dad

June 27, 2021

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. It was also my dad’s birthday.

As I went into my 3rd of 4 ceremonies that night, my intention was to see what was possible moving forward in my life. I couldn’t have predicted what was shown to me.

The second ceremony had been an intense clearing of blockages that felt like an emotional rollercoaster. However, my final message of the evening as I gazed out at the blinking “stars” in the sky was that so much was possible. This inspired the intention for night 3.

So on night 3, the healing that came up for me involved my dad – appropriate, as it was his day. I was shown all the ways in which he showed up for me in my life. Despite our tendency to allow our egos to butt heads, he continuously showed up for me in so many ways – big, small, and in between.

I cried at this acknowledgment because I had been living as long as I had not seeing how truly fortunate I have been. My focus had been on what was lacking, rather upon what was there.

However, I also experienced how grateful I was for his recent visit just last month. The time apart due to the world events + John bringing to my awareness this dynamic with my dad that had persisted throughout the years, allowed me to show up differently within the time we had together.

From my perspective, it allowed something to heal, at least within me. And, it was an overall more pleasant time.

This acknowledgment of my dad and how my ego had played a role within our (dysfunctional) dynamic opened the door to what could be for me and my family moving forward. How was that ego showing up with my kids and husband?

The message (in a nutshell) that I received was about how I get the opportunity to choose how I show up moving forward. I get to choose whether I allow the dynamic that I learned to perpetuate, or step into something new. It’s a choice that I get to make everyday. If I don’t make the choice, the unconscious pattern will likely persist.

Regardless, the pattern is healing. Seeing my dad for all that he is and all that he’s truly done to support me in my lifetime, makes it much more challenging to see him from the place that wanted to butt heads all the time. It’s hard to butt heads with another coming from a place of gratitude.

In addition to seeing gratitude for my dad, I also saw so much gratitude for the web of people that have supported him during his life and especially since my mom has passed on. I felt/feel very proud of him for choosing to show up for himself in how he takes care of himself, especially in this past year, which I know is supported by the relationships that he has in his life.

I want to tag and mention a few of those that I know have been super supportive (I imagine I’ll miss many, so apologies). These are in no particular order.

Lori Meyer Bunce Lance Meyer Lynn Meyer Kris Martin-Meyer
Regina Meyer Peggy Williams John Williams Melody Molo Austin Meyer Lucas Meyer Dick & Julie, Mark K, Charly & Kathy

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