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Activating The Creator Power

August 8, 2021

Thoughts on this 8/8 Lion’s Gate with my cup of cacao and special honey:

It’s easy to get sucked into all that is wrong in the world. I know I have in the past, and it’s something I pay good attention to now because I know where it can take me.

There’s effed stuff happening. There’s been effed up stuff happening for a long time now.

Last night, I watched the Joe Rogan interview with Yeonmi Park, a defector from North Korea. Her story is an example of what incredible darkness exists in this world.

Lots of contemplation here after listening to her story. How was I born into my life when there are people in this world brought into such an unfathomable reality?

I’m grateful that I have the awareness of that reality. However, is it helpful for me to focus on it?

What I’ve come to realize is that as long as we are fixated on what is wrong in the world we turn off our abilities to create the new.

As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I’ve come to realize that I’m here to contribute to creating something new – alternatives and replacements for the systems and paradigms that perpetuate the dark realities that exist currently.

The more of us existing from a place of creation and contributing from our unique zones of genius is how we create the new reality that makes the existing model obsolete.

I believe we all have something to contribute. We all begin to strengthen the new when we tap into our knowingness that we are the creators of the world in which we exist.

I understand what it means to see what is wrong and feel paralyzed by how enormous and insurmountable the problem feels. I used to worry how I could bring my children up in this world. I felt truly helpless.

My sense of power and agency began to transform when I started to focus on the creation of this move three years ago. It activated something within me that surprisingly gave me hope for the future (weird concept, huh?).

I continue to be on a path to activate my own creator energy. I still have blocks about my own creations and sharing publicly. However, I feel I am now stepping up to the edge of discomfort to begin to challenge those blocks and rewrite the beliefs that have been holding me back.

Something that I’m committing to doing here is to write an email each week aimed at supporting those of you looking to shift out of feeling like the issues of the world are leaving you powerless and into being the creator of your own story. We will transform the trajectory of this planet when more of us exist from this place of power.

We each play a role, and we each will make a difference. My intention is to simply share anything that comes to and through me that may support you activating your creator power.

If you’d like to receive the weekly email, please sign up in the link in the comments. Also, if you can think of anyone that you think could also benefit from this, please share it directly with them. Thank you.

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