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Following The Voice Telling You The Way

I had just put on my swimsuit after lagging on getting going when it began to rain. I almost let it talk me out of going to the beach. I decided to go anyways and enjoy the beach in the […]
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Gratitude For Struggles

I'm doing my best to take advantage of the beach at sunset, as our days without evening beach restrictions here are numbered. Also, a move from this location is happening in the not so distant future. As I reflect upon […]
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Self-Care Through Creation

During our time in Costa Rica, Cedar has created a pretty remarkable dollhouse out of mostly recycled materials. For Christmas, she decided she was going to surprise her brother with one. She planned it all out, making sure each of […]
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Transforming Doubt Into Trust

I thought about moving and living abroad with my family for years. Years. I watched many other families post their launch stories and adventures in Facebook Groups. I explored people's stories through their blogs and Youtube videos. My mom and […]
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The Power Of Surrender

On my 38th birthday, I found myself in sacred medicine ceremony for the first time. Plant and sacred medicines were not something I knew much about, but I kept feeling that having this experience was important for me. In the […]
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Breathe: A Lesson From Ayahuasca

My breath. That was the first thing shown to me as my second Ayahuasca ceremony dose began to kick in. The nerves that were present on the first night were not with me as I prepared and set my intentions […]
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It's Okay To Be Grateful For Your Life In 2020

With so much turmoil, chaos, and suffering happening in the world right now, it's easy to get pulled into it. It's easy to feel despair. It's easy to believe we are doomed. I realize many are struggling. I realize people […]
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Lessons From The Waves

"I was seeing you in the sea. I was worried. It's dangerous." This was shared with me as I left the beach when I crossed paths with a dad of a young boy that I had noticed looking at me […]
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We're Responsible For How We Respond

During meditation this morning, John dropped something on the bed. It was probably his phone or notebook. Quite the benign action on his part -- At least from his perspective. From my heightened state of sensitivity, that action resulted in […]
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I Didn't "Make It" As A Doctor

“You didn’t make it as a doctor.” That was a statement nestled into a 3-paragraph tirade directed at me for cracking a joke. The intention was to tear me down. Make me feel small. She assumed that my sense of […]
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