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She Reached Double Digits

I'm a little behind on sharing what's been happening. Cedar reached a decade/double digits this past week - such a milestone, for both her and her parents. Lots of reflections for me, as I was in retreat, about the time […]
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In Ceremony In The Jungle

As I walked home from the house of friends, I stopped to appreciate where I currently call home. (You can see our roof about the middle and to the right of the photo.) About six months ago, I felt the […]
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Facing Fears Through A Haircut

A big day here in the Richardson-Meyer household… River faced his fear. It's been more than a year (probably close to 1.5 yrs) since he let us cut his hair. His dislike of the sound of the trimmers + itchiness […]
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Cedar & Her First Horse Experience

It took 45 minutes before she even got on the horse. The first thing Cedar's new horseback riding instructor, our neighbor who was described to me as a "horse whisperer", began to explain was what causes fear in a horse […]
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Fear As An Opportunity

What if we looked at fear as the opportunity that it is? In your heart of hearts, there is something that sounds, looks, and feels so amazing. You perceive it that way because that is what your soul longs for. […]
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Home Is Where We Are

At the end of this month, it will be two years that we've been without a home. But, we are not homeless. We don't own the walls in which we live. The furniture and linens do not belong to us. […]
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Walking In Coyoacan

We've had such a good time walking everywhere over the past week and a half in Mexico. It's something so simple, and yet it's been such valuable time together. Early this year, I had the realization that becoming a 1-car […]
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John & Showing Up

What happens when you show up for yourself? I'm incredibly proud of John and so grateful to him. The first 9-12 months in Costa Rica were not easy for him. Leaving his old identity behind had him feeling lost. He […]
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Mother's Day 2021

In the month following my mom's passing, I came to a place of acceptance. With acceptance came an immense sense of gratitude. I wasn't grateful for her passing, but I was grateful for how things worked out in the previous […]
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Making Some Day Happen

Some day. That's when I was planning to make this move with my family. I read about others doing it. I watched Youtube videos. I truly thought I'd make it happen. Just not immediately. I didn't fully believe I could. […]
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