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I Wasn't Meant To Stay In One Place

I wasn't meant to stay in one place. That's taken me some decades to fully comprehend and accept. I tried for a long time to fit myself into the template that I absorbed from society about what is a “normal” […]
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Releasing The Identity To Follow The Soul's Path

Do you feel safe stepping out of the role you’ve allowed yourself to believe you’re supposed to be playing? Do you remain where you are because you feel it’s expected of you? I once believed that being a naturopathic doctor […]
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Living without fear in Mexico - Are all the stories true?

Yesterday, my daughter and I got on a morning bus to go from Guanajuato, Mexico to Mexico City, a five hours twenty minute journey by bus. It’s a long journey, but thankfully, Mexico has some high quality and comfortable busses. […]
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Transforming How We Move Into Our 40s - We Get To Choose

I’m officially “over the hill”. I turned 40 this week. It’s interesting that as a kid, I remember hearing that phrase and not really understanding what it meant. It didn’t seem to me like life “ended”, or was “downhill”, after […]
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Learning To Breathe - Storytime From Sitting With Ayahuasca

Each time with Ayahuasca was unique. This story came from my second and eighth times in ceremony with this medicine. My first two experiences were back-to-back. So on this second night, I was feeling ready to go deeper. The nerves […]
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Leaving Costa Rica & On To Mexico

MOVING ON FROM WHAT IS KNOWN AND COMFORTABLE TO ALLOW FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE I've essentially owned a car ever since I started driving at the age of 16 - that's 23 years now. Prior to deciding to move abroad […]
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Benefit of Homeschooling: Sibling Friendships

When I first began diving into the world of homeschooling and unschooling five or so years ago, I sought the stories of the many moms that went before me. Whenever taking an alternative, less-charted path, it's often helpful to know […]
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Freedom With Downsizing

The FREEDOM that comes with downsizing to what you can bring with you on a plane… Before we left Oregon in the summer of 2019, we purged the majority of our possessions. This was a big step for me, as […]
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Story of Synchronicity…

John drank out of a mug like the one in the picture for most days for around 15 years. He bought it before I knew him in Maine. About 10 years ago, I found out how I could order mugs […]
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Preparation For Taking Life's Next Leap

As I was just taking apart Lego creations to condense them down into smaller plastic bags, I reminded myself to take a moment to breathe and connect with myself. It was needed. We are packing up again and transplanting to […]
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