Website Audit

If your web presence isn't bringing in the sales you desire, it's time to reassess.

Is your site requiring a fresh and experienced set of eyes?

Growing your business and making the impact you know you're here for requires looking at what's working (and what isn't).

An audit can help you make the tweaks, adjustments, and modifications to turn your website into your greatest business growth asset!

Is your website enticing your visitors to give their valuable attention to the words on your page?

15 SECONDS - That's how long most visitors will give you before navigating away

The people that need what you're here to share with them aren't going to get it if your website is ineffective. And, there's A LOT that goes into creating a website that gets your visitors to scroll and read long enough to take the action you're hoping they will.

In this audit, we'll do a deep dive so you can improve & optimize in the following areas that are oh-so-important to the growth of your business.


Why bother with a site audit?

Your business is a living, breathing entity! To be effective, your website should be too.

Here's what you get with an audit

In this thorough audit, you'll receive both a PDF and screenshare video that will contain the following:

  • Answers to specific questions you have about your site
  • An analysis based upon my 6-point criteria
  • Screenshots of before and afters of the recommended changes
  • A video summary that gives you visuals to explain the recommendations
  • Links to resources and tutorials that can guide you in making recommended modifications
  • A list of targeted & prioritized actions that you can take to update and optimize your site to better reach your goals
  • Website Audit

    $277 pricing goes up in 2023

    Take advantage of this opportunity to improve & optimize your website presence!

    • 3-business-day turnaround time from the start date
    • Choose your start date after purchase
  • The process

    Here's what you need to know about the involved steps

    An Audit Would Help My Site
    1. Purchase & schedule audit start date

      First come, first serve to get your start date in the books. Once you purchase, you'll be prompted to choose your start date.

    2. Complete the audit intake form

      For me to understand your business and where you wish to go with it, I need a bit of information. Complete the provided form at least 2 days prior to your start date.

    3. Receive your report

      You'll receive your audit report within 3 business days of your start date.

    4. Make the changes to your site

      With your audit report, you can begin taking the recommended modifications to your site.

    Growth is just around the corner

    Ready to take the next step in upleveling your site?

    If your site isn't giving you the results you desire in your business, don't waste any more time with a site that isn't moving you forward.

    Frequently asked questions

    Did you make it all the way to the bottom and still have questions? No problem.

    Check out the FAQS, and if you still have questions, send me a message.