Relocation Guidance

Logistical planning advice + Mindset & Belief support to create your move abroad

Does the idea of living abroad light you up, but the idea of making it happen feels overwhelming and beyond something you can make happen?

Some of us aren't meant to stay put in one spot

But sometimes, leaving the status quo and stepping into uncertainty can have us doubting ourselves. (Is this you?)

Are you ready to take steps towards creating life in a new country and overcome the roadblocks in your way?

It's easy to get excited watching others on social media go do the things we want to do.

You've probably watched others experiencing life in new and exciting places and feel deep down that you want to do that too.

But, there's something stopping you from taking action. Why?

That was me five years ago until I decided that it was frickin time to get off the sidelines!

Getting going on the road-less-travelled can be the most challenging part.

What I've realized since leaving the conventional life is that there are mechanisms in place keeping us from leaving the well-worn path.

It is ingrained within many of us to play it safe. So, choosing something that seems quite radical to many of your friends and family can feel downright hard at the beginning.

Because you are taking an unknown path, a guide that understands the journey can make all the difference.

Eventually, you do find your stride, but a little hand-holding at the beginning goes a long way!

One of my roadblocks

How I convinced my husband…

(and, how you can get your important people on board too.)

The big leaps we take in life require us to have a belief in ourselves that we can make it happen. For many of us, leaving the “typical” life is one of those big leaps.

It can be hard enough when it’s only ourselves that we need to convince that this idea would be an amazing opportunity. If our beliefs are shaky about making this happen, it’s going to be a challenge to sell the idea.

My beliefs were shaky until I began working with someone that could hold the vision with me. As my confidence became more solid, my husband could better see and trust the vision too!

It took about six months until my husband could fully get on board.

Do you have fears keeping you in a life not fully aligned with the vision you have for yourself?

Benefits of working with a guide (specifically me ;) )

It’s easy to think we can figure this all out on our own. I’m all for DIYing, but it’s wise to seek guidance when we’re not making the progress we wish to make in an area of life and/or we wish to make accelerated growth.

Through our work together, I will support you to:
  • Identify and troubleshoot beliefs that are preventing you from taking steps toward your launch
  • Develop resources and tools to overcome current and future obstacles
  • Receive advice in designing and planning a move specific to you and/or your family’s goals and desires
  • Become confident in the path you are taking
  • Learn how to keep going despite the doubts of well-meaning friends and family
  • Figure out logistical details to be aware of (things you didn’t know you need to know)

Get Started

Ready to start creating your life abroad?

Choose one session, or save with three. Sessions are 75 minutes and conducted over Zoom.

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Frequently asked questions

Did you make it all the way to the bottom and still have questions? No problem.

Check out the FAQS, and if you still have questions, send me a message.

If you opt to buy a 3-session package or have more than one session, the amount of time between sessions could vary depending upon your timeline. That being said, I recommend 2-4 weeks between sessions.
Upon scheduling your session, you will receive an email that contains a Zoom link for our call.
The Relocation Guidance sessions are best for individuals or families wishing to make a move to another country and would like guidance in the preparatory phase. Clients vary in the countries and style of living they wish to experience. Plans vary in that some may be going for a test run, others may be spending time in different countries, and others may be moving for the long-term. Clients come with a rang of circumstances.
The process of moving to a new country is generally the same. It’s the details that vary. I may have never lived in the country you are looking at, but I have the experience to know how to figure out how to create a move to that country. I will be guiding you through the research process of investigating your country. Part of living in a new country is learning to research and investigate. I will help you with that skill as it pertains to living in your new country(ies).
I’m originally from the United States, and most of my clients are as well. I speak more specifically to the logistical details of the US. However, if you feel drawn to work with me and aren’t from the US, I can still likely guide you in working through the process of creating your move.
Nope. Part of this process of moving abroad is learning how to find the answers you require. The details change frequently, and it would be impossible know everything for every country and every circumstance. The process of moving abroad is generally very similar for each country, and I will be guiding you through that process. Moving to a new country instills a sense of resourcefulness and resiliency, and that is what I will be supporting you to gain through the process of finding the details specific to your move.
There are no refunds for this service once paid. Start dates must be scheduled within 90 days of purchase. If for some reason you decide you no longer need this service and the service hasn’t yet been performed, the balance may be applied to a different service or offering.