April 12, 2021

Making Some Day Happen

Some day.

That’s when I was planning to make this move with my family.

I read about others doing it. I watched Youtube videos.

I truly thought I’d make it happen. Just not immediately.

I didn’t fully believe I could. I didn’t think I knew how to communicate effectively with John about why we should make this happen. It felt like such a monumental endeavor.

Plus, what if we did it, and it didn’t work out? What if it was a mistake? What if my children were harmed in the process?

My belief in myself was lacking. My trust that this strong impulse was there for a reason and it would end up being a favorable experience was also lacking.

It felt like being trapped in molasses. I had this desire to leap, but felt stuck.

That is until the decision was made to make it happen. Once the decision was made and steps were taken, the belief, trust, and momentum began to build. I sought support where it was needed, and I transformed into someone that was unstoppable in making this dream actualize.

As a result, our family has transformed. John and I became and are still becoming the aware parents our old patterns wouldn’t allow us to become. We walk forward with the tools, awareness, and wisdom that has come from learning to trust our instincts and step out of what feels safe and comfortable.

And so, we aim to guide others in their journeys to break away from the patterns and lifestyles that may have served a purpose, but are chapters feeling ready of being closed in search of the possibilities that exist beyond in the unknown.

If living abroad feels like a leap that excites you, join us for a free live Zoom call tomorrow where we share 10 Things To Consider Before You Take The Leap.

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Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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