May 21, 2021

John & Showing Up

What happens when you show up for yourself?

I’m incredibly proud of John and so grateful to him.

The first 9-12 months in Costa Rica were not easy for him. Leaving his old identity behind had him feeling lost. He struggled.

We all struggled. As much as I wanted to help, it was his to figure out.

Last summer, he was in a dark place. He didn’t know why he was here – not just in Costa Rica, but on Earth.

I knew he had so much to offer and there very much is a reason for him to be here. A mentor, friend, and earth angel, Vanessa Smith, could see a fellow earth angel in him with important offerings for this world. However, it was hard for him to see and fathom that from a dark place.

Despite feeling like there was little hope, he found his way to something that helped him transform and begin to be reminded of who he is.

John invested in himself and committed to a 90-day program called Training Camp for the Soul. He showed up. He was unapologetic in his commitment to himself. And, he left that dark place.

He finished that 90 days and decided to double down on himself. He saw that he could serve others, to hold a space to facilitate transformations in others. He invested in himself again and began an intense 9-month mastery program.

I have not been enrolled in the program, but him showing up for himself has made me a better person. By him choosing himself, he’s shown us how to show up for ourselves. He’s exemplified what it means to value one’s self through his every day actions.

A few weeks ago, we had a challenging yet powerful encounter. I was expressing my discontent with a circumstance from a place of fear. His pattern in the past had been to shut down and create a wall between us when he was repulsed by my energy.

Instead of allowing that distance to persist for days, this time he sat down with me and created a boundary. He stated that he is on this planet to exist in and contribute joy, and it’s not his role to involve himself with stories of fear.

This triggered my ego. It revealed some uncomfortable truths to me. It took me time to overcome my reaction to this boundary. However, as time passed, I came to see it as an opportunity to uplevel my self-awareness and what I’m offering as well.

John found himself. He discovered why he’s here. He’s here for joy. I’m inspired by him.

I view our relationship as one where we are both on our individual paths. They’re parallel, but they’re individual. We cross over to the other path to influence the other, but we are each finding our own ways.

John has already begun to hold space for those looking to step into the more full versions of themselves. He has a gift, and I’m so grateful he’s found how he is able to contribute to making this a better world.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and you resonate with John and his story, book a call to see how he could support you in moving towards a fuller version of yourself.

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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