July 31, 2021

Healing In The Jungle

Within weeks of arriving in Costa Rica almost two years ago, I was getting signs pointing me to Dominical.

At first I didn’t pay them much attention, but within a few months I followed and made my way to a yoga retreat there, which played its part in my unfolding journey.

A few months into the pandemic and now a whole year ago, we found ourselves looking at houses in the area. The one that we had considered was in the same jungle we currently live in and was managed by our current, wonderful property manager.

Being that everything felt so uncertain in the world, we decided to stay put in the beach condo we were at.

A few months later, I felt the call to find an opportunity to sit with ayahuasca. A friend connected me with healers who happened to live in the same jungle we had considered a few months prior.

I came for two ceremonies. My family came for a swim day on the last day. The idea was planted for us to move to this area. The idea grew in both John’s and my minds independently for a few days before we mentioned it to one another.

It felt right to us both.

We pursued finding the right living opportunity not without resistance presenting to us. I personally saw myself facing stories about why it would not work, only to see that this was a move and opportunity to move beyond the stories.

As mentioned above, the property manager who showed us the house a year ago ended up being our current property manager. I see it as truly meant to be that we rented from her, as she’s been a loving and caring presence for our family.

We committed to six months. Today is the end of our six months. However, we extended one more.

We have one more month in this house. One more month in this jungle. One more month Costa Rica.

In my last retreat with ayahuasca last month, I cried when I saw how far I’ve come just since last November when I first sat with ayahuasca.

I was called to this jungle. It has held a frequency that I’ve needed. Upon arriving, I received the message to “attune to nature”. That has been my daily practice.

This jungle has been an energetic blanket that has acted as a buffer from the energy of what has been happening in the world. I felt it as soon as I arrived here, and it has allowed for an unfolding that I can’t quite put to words at this moment in time. Maybe in more time and perspective.

I’ve connected with magical people that will hold a place in my heart, as they’ve shown me what it means to be on a healing path.

All this magic aside, we are being called to a next phase of our journey. This means lightening our possessions again and getting ready for a different style of living in a new country. We’re in planning and downsizing mode.

More details to come in the month ahead…

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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