Following The Voice Telling You The Way

I had just put on my swimsuit after lagging on getting going when it began to rain. I almost let it talk me out of going to the beach. I decided to go anyways and enjoy the beach in the rain.

It rained for the 5 minute walk to the beach, but stopped when I arrived. The beach was crowded (by this beach’s standards, which isn’t that busy).

I was planning to walk right on the beach, but as I started in that direction, something nudged me to go left. Instead of swimming like I had originally intended, I decided to walk, something I haven’t been doing as much of lately.

I walked while looking down at my feet, but after a while, I looked up. I could make out the faint start of a rainbow across the estuary at the end of the beach.

I kept walking. Thinking about this beach and the past 9 months here… About how much has happened during this time.

Eventually, I made it almost to the estuary. The splotch of a rainbow had grown into a slight arc. I decided to stop and look at the rainbow. I turned my body and saw that it wasn’t just an arc. It was a complete rainbow. Something I’ve never seen before on this beach.

I stood there and admired it. I took in the entire scene, including this house below it that was a topic of John’s and my conversations when we first arrived here. We walked by it often on our morning walks, and would take note of the pirate flag on the house.

It brought me back to 9 months ago. We had just arrived, and the beaches were deserted. So much has changed since then. People are now enjoying themselves on the beach – surfing, kicking the soccer ball around, enjoying their families.

It was quite the experience to witness these deserted beaches. It was a unique experience to have. However, I think I’ll take people enjoying themselves and businesses being able to come up for a breath after hanging on for so long.

Anyways, I’ll end it here by saying that I’m grateful for going instead letting my laziness take over, walking in the rain, intuitive nudges, full rainbows, reflections, and people enjoying themselves.

(No picture of the rainbow – I was camera/phone-free.)

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