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For conscious & spiritual entrepreneurs ready to streamline and organize their online offerings

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Organize & ground your online offers with a platform that helps your customers find & purchase the offers they didn’t know you have.

(and communicate a level of professionalism that encourages trust in working with and buying from you.)

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The Offering Hub & Sales Funnel Platform is a setup that allows your customers to view and learn about all your offerings in one organized and beautiful-looking place.

The central home/landing page visually displays the ways your customers can purchase from you, and they can easily take the next step in beginning down an automated sales funnel for each offer.

The sales funnel links and integrates the checkout page to the process appropriate for that offer, whether that’s scheduling, a digital product, or a course or program enrollment (course platform setup and digital product creation are not included with this offer).

Who is this for?

You have services, digital products, and/or courses or programs that you sell through social media and/or email marketing, but you don’t yet have a cohesive system where all your offerings can live AND dynamically be modified and added to as your business and offerings evolve and transform.


  • Customers can see clearly all your offerings in one place, which makes it much easier for them to pick the best offering for them in this moment vs only the offering you are promoting
  • You can easily promote individual offers through social media and email marketing with easy-to-create and edit checkout pages.
  • Your platform can easily shift and be up-to-date as your offerings and business evolve.
  • You feel much more grounded in your ability to share and promote your offers through social media and email marketing

This solution is for you if you want a more professional web presence to sell your online services, products, and courses/programs, but are not yet ready or able to invest in a complete website build.

What’s Included:

  • A strategically organized home page that displays your current offerings
  • The Sales Funnel System – A setup that easily allows you to create and edit your offers that automate and integrate from checkout to confirmation and beyond with the needs of the particular offer, whether that’s scheduling, course access, and/or digital download.
  • Integration with the email marketing system (CRM) of your choice
  • Integrated scheduling system within the site if you do not already use a scheduling platform or integration with Calendly or Acuity
  • One 75-minute strategy session to best tailor this system to you and your business
  • Offering setup for three offers (3 offers included in the base price, but you can pay for additional setup of more offers). Instructions on how to add more offers are included.
  • Lead Magnet System Add-On is available – This system allows you to easily create and display lead magnets on your home page.
  • Offering Creation Strategy Sessions Add-On – With this add-on, receive additional two 75-minute strategy sessions intended to help you strategize, clarify, and optimize your offerings.
  • Custom email setup if needed (eg,
  • 6-8 week turnaround from the start of the project

What’s NOT included:

  • Hosting, both for the domain and the site – Reach out if you have questions about these costs.
  • Course platform setup or creation
  • Logo design

Want to see an example of what this could look like?

Check out Dr. Andrea Greiner’s Offering Hub where she is able to have all her offerings organized in one place.

If you click through the Work 1:1 With Doctor G offerings, you can see the checkout pages that she uses within the platform to sell her offerings. Additionally, as an entrepreneur with different types of offerings and collaborative projects, she is able to link through to offerings sold on other platforms.

Have questions about how this could work for you?

If you’re curious about this offering but are unsure if it could work for you, send me a message. I’m happy to get on a call with you to learn more about your business and if this setup could serve you and your business.


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Working with Amanda continues to expand my business in so many ways! The ease in how she created my page for my clients to see all of my offers has really allowed clients to find their best package. Amanda has also gone above and beyond and taught me how to add my own programs and offers so I can create and add to the page very easily! I highly recommend Amanda for your soulful website creations!

Dr. Andrea Greiner
I'm ready for this offer!

Frequently asked questions

Check out these questions, as they may answer anything that is unclear to you. If anything still feels unclear, don't hesitate to reach out.

I love to use Wordpress to build most of the websites that I create. For this particular offering, Wordpress is used for its powerful and vast functionality.

If you wish for another platform, reach out to see if I can support you with a custom project.

Reach out, and let me know what you’re looking for in a site. I do custom work to meet the needs of my clients’ businesses, and I may be able to offer you a solution to support your business’ growth. If not, I’ll point you in the right direction to someone or another solution that may be an appropriate fit.

You need a basic level of tech savviness to operate the site. I give you instructions on how to perform the functions that you require. It will take a bit of time and attention to get to know the functions that you need to work with your site. If you wish to simply focus on your zone of genius and not bother with dealing with/learning your site, you are welcome to hire me to maintain and add changes to your site when you require them.

You can purchase this service, and we can schedule your start date up to 4 months out. Payment is due (either in full or monthly plan x 3) to reserve your project on my calendar. You will be given the opportunity to let me know your desired start time frame in the intake that you’ll complete after checkout.

In order for me to understand your business to create a site that represents it accurately and is effective, we must have some back and forth.

This looks like an initial strategy call and communication throughout the process.

You will receive a content document where you provide information about yourself, your business, and your offerings. Additionally, you’ll need to provide me with photography that you wish to be displayed on your site.

I can provide a color palette and typography to create an aesthetic that aligns with your business and brand. However, any logo that I proved will be a basic wordmark.

Up-to-date, cohesive, and brand-aligned photography is important to the overall website experience of your visitors. Having the photography that you’d like included in the site is necessary to complete the site in the timeline outlined. I will not start the design of the site until I have the images that you’d like to use on the site. Please plan accordingly. If you have questions about your photography, I’m happy to support you with that.

Technology is regularly being updated, which means the tools (plugins) used to create your site go through updates often. To keep your site safe and secure, it must be updated. You must decide to update your site yourself (I can explain how to do this) or outsource it to keep your site maintained.

  • You are unclear about your offerings or business (you can schedule a strategy session for help with this. Message me here for a strategy session.)
  • You don’t have time to provide me with the necessary information and content to complete your site.
  • You want a complete website build beyond the scope that is listed above. (Contact me for a custom website project.)
  • You’re satisfied with using a Linktree (or something similar) as your landing page.

Let’s get on a call and discuss your business needs. I can let you know if you’d be a candidate for a custom solution. Message me here.

If you’d like support and guidance in crafting your offers, choose the Offer Design Strategy Sessions at checkout. This will add on two sessions at the beginning of the project where we will take a look at where your business is currently and where you wish to go. I will guide you in the creation of offers that will support you in growing your business and aligning with the goals of where you desire to go.

Refunds will not be granted once a purchase has been made. Please reach out with questions if you are unsure whether this is the service for you. We can even get on a call to answer any questions you may have.

If for some reason you decide this service is not what you need, you can used any unused funds (for work not yet completed) towards another of my offerings.

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