November 28, 2020

Breathe: A Lesson From Ayahuasca

My breath. That was the first thing shown to me as my second Ayahuasca ceremony dose began to kick in.

The nerves that were present on the first night were not with me as I prepared and set my intentions for this second opportunity to learn from this powerful teacher. 

As I looked at the glass full of brown liquid, I asked her to show me what needs to be seen. I closed my eyes, breathed, and felt trust for what was to come.

While I waited in the dark to begin feeling the medicine in my body, I felt the urge to call in my Pleiadian guides. I learned the night prior that the Shipibo of Peru, from where this lineage of medicine originates, are of the Pleiades. Of course. No wonder I was led to this place.

Back to that first message when the medicine first began to speak with me…

Use your breath. It will be very important to help you through this journey.

She wasn’t kidding.

The next moment, I was forced to surrender as the Pleidians came in to perform what felt like surgery to heal the lineage of my mom, grandmother, and beyond. My job was to just breathe through it.

Once that was over, I was shown the purpose of this ceremony was to show me why I am here. What followed feels like could fill an entire book, so I won’t be covering all of that right now. 

As I look back upon that experience though, what it feels like is that all of the layers and dimensions of who I am were opened up so I could clearly see how they all fit together. 

There were multiple themes that ran through and were shown to me in clever and miraculous ways.

With Ayahuasca, purging is an important part of the process. It allows us to see what is stuck within our bodies and then release. Purging can come in many forms. My purging came in the form of tears and laughter, usually at separate times, but sometimes not. Through whatever it was though, my breath is what helped it move.

It’s like Ayahuasca wanted me to see that I have this tool, this fundamental tool that cannot be separate from my life that can help me through anything. 

She showed me that my mom breathed me into this world, which allowed me to take my first breath. I used my breath to get me through the challenging, transformative experience of bringing my two babies into this world. It will be with me until the end when I decide I’m ready to leave this lifetime.

Throughout the journey, she showed me my strength, the strength within me that can overcome more than I have been previously allowing myself to see. Turning to my breath can remind me of that strength during challenging times.

As we move through these challenging times, we all have within us the power to heal and transform our lives. This message is Ayahuasca’s and my reminder to you that you have within you more strength than you can sometimes feel. Believing you have the tools and can overcome what feels hard is the first step in facing and transforming what can otherwise feel insurmountable.  

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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