August 14, 2021

At What Point Do You Leave?

If you’re feeling a nudge to make a change, are you taking action? Or, are you waiting to be faced with a greater sense of urgency?

I’m going to be honest with you. There were many reasons that fueled our desire to make the move out of the United States. A big underlying reason was that I had a sense that circumstances were only going to get worse there.

In 2015 and 2016, I was loud and probably somewhat obnoxious in trying to share all the disturbing stuff I was seeing. It was depressing and sad to begin to understand how things really worked.

It was also extremely disempowering. How can I fix this huge problem?

The truth was that I couldn’t/can’t. All I could do was focus on me and my family.

This meant following a different path and trusting what my intuition was telling me. This meant opting out of the conventional – education, healthcare, lifestyle, etc.

While I’m grateful for my intuition and that I was able/willing to trust it, it doesn’t bring me pleasure that so many are struggling through the circumstances of the past almost year and a half, especially as they intensify.

My message here though is that if you feel the call to make a move or leave, now is the time to listen and begin to take action.

If you want support to help you make a move abroad happen, we can help guide you in that process. We know it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming endeavor. So, we love to help families begin to take steps to follow that nudge.

If this speaks to you, book an Intro Move Your Family Abroad Session to begin following that intuition telling you it’s time.

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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