On A Journey To Heal, Grow, & Discover What Else Is Possible

I'm Amanda Richardson-Meyer, and my site serves as the home for what I'm putting out in the world. You can find my current offerings and writing here. Read on below to learn a bit more about the back story.
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On a journey to...

  • Heal
  • Uncover my true self
  • Go beyond self-imposed limitations

Living in the present, and open to where it leads me.

Parenting two children. Reparenting myself. Healing. learning, and growing through sacred partnership.

Used to be doctor. Realized I sought that path from a wounded place – was looking to fill a void.

Here to challenge disempowering systems. Here to reclaim my innate power and inspire others to do the same.

Here to question.

Here to re-learn to…

  • Trust
  • Surrender
  • Love

Here to guide my children on their path.

Here to play my role in creating the new.

The Story Of My Life

This isn’t the time or the place to tell you the whole story, but sharing some of the key turning points will be helpful in giving you an insight into my journey so far.

The path I followed in the first portion of my adult life was one of conformity. I felt the pressure of the greater society, which I allowed to have greater influence over my life choices than the desires of my soul.

This meant pursuing a path in medicine, specifically becoming a doctor. Now, my soul still had some sway because it wasn’t in my DNA to become a conventional doctor. Instead, I opted to become a naturopathic doctor.

Even though I took a path of alternative medicine, my motivation for doing so was to attain external validation and “prove myself”. This resulted in the highest level of dissatisfaction and disconnection that I’ve experienced in my life.

It wasn’t working for me, on multiple levels, and four years after graduating, I decided to hang up my stethoscope.

Life felt uncomfortable in this period, as I existed in an area of grey without a sense of identity to define myself. While uncomfortable, it was the greatest gift I could have given myself.

Two years after letting that label and identity go, my life changed in that my mom passed away quickly after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer.

This allowed me to look at life through a different lens and see how the life I was living did not reflect the desires of my true self.

A journey of transformation began…

I convinced my husband to embark upon a journey that I had envisioned for multiple years, but did not previously believe in myself to pull off.

Within 10 months of my mom passing away, we embarked upon our journey. First, we drove across the US. Two and a half months later, we departed for Costa Rica.

What followed has been a journey of healing and transformation, personally for each of us, within our marriage, and as a family. We have been able to learn so much more about ourselves and who we are outside of the constructs of the society of our origin.

My family and I continue on the path less traveled to continue learning about ourselves and uncovering our true essences.

As of Fall 2021, we are slow traveling through central Mexico. We continue to follow our intuitions to the next opportunities of growth and expansion.

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